YouTube RSS Feed For Your Channel

YouTube RSS FeedNot many people are aware that you have your very own YouTube RRS feed for your Channel.

Just as a website or blog RSS is important in assisting you to get targeted traffic and that you are providing an update of fresh content; The same applies to your YouTube Channel RSS

To access your YouTube RSS feed you need to replace YOURCHANNELNAME is the following URL:

And to show you how it is formatted you can look at the YouTube channel (work in progress!):

YouTube Channel RSS

As you can see it includes your titles, descriptions, ratings, upload date, views count & video time length. It doesn’t however include your Video keywords, so this is another reason why it is important to put keywords within the video description.

Now that you know your YouTube RSS feed URL you can submit it to RSS Feed Aggregators either manually or via your chosen software.

For a more detailed explanation on RSS in general try this guide

If you would like to receive RSS updates from please feel free to subscribe here:

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2 Responses to “YouTube RSS Feed For Your Channel”

  1. Drewry says:

    this is very good information on how to syndicate your YouTube channel with RSS feeds. Thanks for creating such an informative post about “YouTube RSS feeds”. Happy New Year’s :-)

  2. Drewry says:

    had to double back and grab the YouTube RSS code again. Thanks for keeping this posted! :-)

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